Put your walking shoes on and go..! These walking routes take you on a trip through Delft's history and make sure you get your daily exercise. Without breaking the bank: nearly all these walking routes are available free-of-charge.


Delft and ceramics are inextricably linked. Not only does the city have a centuries-old tradition in the field of ceramics, it is also home to an extremely active and contemporary ceramics industry. Experience Delft's ceramic highlights on our ceramics route!

How: Go to this link on your smartphone, which will show you the route and some interesting information about the different ceramic works of art that you will encounter along the way.

Lenght: roughly 3.5 kilometres

Price: free

Delfts Blauw muurbeschildering met 'Het meisje met de Parel'


You may have already seen the ‘Vermeer cubes’ on the streets of Delft? They are part of the Vermeer walk.

The Vermeer walk takes you to locations that played an important role in Vermeer’s life, such as the house where he was born, the home where he lived with his family and the location depicted in his painting ‘The Little Street’. The walk includes six Vermeer cubes. Each cube tells you more about the life and work of the painter. So it really is a voyage of discovery!

How: a paper map + information on the cubes

Length: roughly 2 kilometres

Price: €3.00. For sale at the tourist office and vermeer centrum.

Meisje met rood haar voor het metalen kubus van Vermeer met het melkmeisje


Another son of Delft, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723), discovered bacteria and sperm, among other things, and is therefore regarded as the founding father of microbiology. During this walk, you will learn everything about his fascinating life and see where he was born.

How: go to this link on your smartphone. You see the route and interesting information about the different locations.

Length: roughly 3 kilometres

Price: free

4. TU Neighbourhood

Would you like to see more of delft than just the historic city centre? If so, take a walk between the imposing buildings of the former technical college that were built between 1895 and 1945 and discover the story behind tu wijk, the university district.

How: go to this link on your smartphone. You see the route and explanations about the different points of interest.

Length: roughly 1.8 kilometres

Price: free


Bibliotheek TU delft campus

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