Delft is of course famous for its blue and white Delftware pottery. Delft Blue has been made in several pottery factories dotted around Delft ever since the 17th century and, as you wander through the city, you can still see blue and white Delftware in many parts of Delft. But did you know that you can also admire a unique, metres-high, Delft Blue tulip pyramid in Delft?


Let’s start with some historical background information. The tulip pyramid vase was specially designed for tulips and was primarily a showpiece and status symbol. The first (ceramic) tulip pyramids were developed in Delft in the 17th century and decorated with a Delft Blue or Chinese motif. This vase was immensely popular during the reign of William III and Mary Stuart. In the Dutch Golden Age, tulips were a status symbol and almost priceless; during the most prosperous period, a tulip was even worth as much as a canal house. Tulip bulbs played a unique role in the economy and are sometimes referred to as ‘the bitcoin of the 17th century’.

Like the classical tulip pyramid vases, this gigantic version (an amazing 12 metres in height!) was completely painted by hand by the artists of Royal Delft.

Delftsblauwe tulpenpiramide in Delft

Land Art Delft

The tulip pyramid is located in the Land Art Delft sculpture park in the southern part of Delft. Paula Kouwenhoven, the founder of Land Art Delft, came up with the idea of producing a giant version of Royal Delft's iconic product, the “Tulip Pyramid”, as a tribute to the city of Delft and its famous Delft Blue pottery.

The tulip pyramid can be seen from afar on the A13 motorway and encourages passers-by to turn off the motorway and explore the city with its long history of industrial activity, innovative knowledge and international relations. Do you feel inspired to take a closer look at the pyramid? Well you can! The sculpture park is located at Rotterdamseweg 205 and is open to visitors free-of-charge from sunrise to sunset. It is also an ideal destination for a cycle ride! Guided tours are also offered. More information is available on Land Art Delft's website.

Impressie van de tulpenpiramide in Delft


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