Interested in science? In the Science Centre Delft you will learn all about scientific research and innovations that have changed the world. There are experimental models, the latest inventions, and cutting-edge projects developed by the students of the Delft University of Technology.

Do it yourself

You can also carry out your own experiments. For example, you can test the application of advanced technology for yourself and take part in a brainstorming workshop with students from the TU Delft.

You can also book one of the technology tours at the Science Centre or the VVV Delft:

Drie kinderen in witte labjassen met een bril op een rijtje

Heritage edition

Delftse history and science

The heritage tour: this tour through the city centre explores the Delft history of technology and the link between technology and the environment. Delft was already famous in the 17th century when the Delft scientist Antoni van Leeuwenhoek discovered bacteria. The tour will take you inside the Prinsenkamer, the first boardroom of the TU Delft. The room has been restored in the old historical style with the original paintings.

Backstage Tour - Heritage edition

Backstage tour

Behind the scenes

You will visit 5 to 6 special locations on the University campus, such as the Dead Chamber where research is carried out into sound, the Dream Hall where teams of students develop high-tech vehicles, and the water lab.

Backstage Tour - University edition

Robotics Tour

Discover the world of robotics. Modern robotic technology is having a major impact on the world we live in. Robots are becoming a part of everyday life: from self-driving cars and drones to 3D-printers and care robots in hospitals. More than 170 researchers are working on new robotic applications in the laboratories of Robo Valley. Delft is therefore on its way to becoming the robotics capital of the world.

Een witte mini helicopter met 2 witte en 2 oranje propellers

Don't keep it all to yourself

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