Are you coming with your customers to Delft by coach? Then there are different locations where your driver can park the coach.

Map coach parking

On the map coach parking, you will find all the locations where you can park the coach for a short or longer period.

Passengers Hop on Hop Off

The passengers can leave and get back onto the coach at the “Hop on Hop off” location at the Koepoortplaats behind the Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre (maximum 30 minutes parking). From here the walking distance to the city centre is 250 meters and 600 metres to the Markt (Market Square). If preferred, the Delft City Shuttle (max. 6 persons per shuttle) is also a convenient way to get to the city centre (€5.00 per person, per day). The shuttle will depart from the Koepoortplaats. We advise you to arrange this beforehand, by contacting the Delft City Shuttle: +31(0)610999420.

After that, the coach drivers have to drive the coach to the Olof Palmestraat, where they can park the coach for a longer period of time (from 07:00 till 19:00). From 19:00 onwards the coaches can be parked along the Schieweg (free of charge)

Both locations are easy to find by following the signs.

Parking spots

Where you can park (also for a longer period of time)

In and around the centre there are 4 parking spots for coaches:

  1. Koepoortplaats (close to city centre) behind Hampshire Hotel Delft. Maximum parking time: 30 minutes. From the Koepoortplaats the walking distance to the city centre is 250 metres and 600 metres to the Markt (market square). 7 parking spots.
  2. Phoenixstraat (opposite Museum Prinsenhof Delft). Maximum parking time: 30 minutes. From the Phoenixstraat the walking distance to the city centre is 200 metres and 750 metres the the Markt (market square). 3 parking spots.
  3. Olof Palmestraat (nearby IKEA Delft). Long term parking, from 07:00 till 19:00. 12 parking spots.
  4. Paardenmarkt (centre, accessible via the Nieuwe Plantage) Paid parking. 2 parking spots.

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