When you think of Delft, you think of Delft Blue pottery. And rightly so. This pottery has been famed and coveted ever since its creation in the Dutch East India Company era. Furthermore, Delft is still the place where you can see and experience the authentic methods used to produce Delft Blue pottery.

We have listed the most interesting and unique Delft Blue hotspots for you.

Earthenware factories

In the Golden Age, there were more than 30 pottery factories in Delft. Royal Delft is the only surviving factory from that period. Would you like to see and experience how pottery is hand crafted in a traditional and authentic setting? If so, visit Royal Delft, Delft Pottery de Delftse Pauw and, for an insight into small-scale production, De Candelaer.

NOTE: The Paauw Delft blue factory is temporarily closed until further notice.


The ceramic map is a map of 17th century Delft, made from mosaic tiles and ceramics. A feast for the eyes with its miniature town hall, a tiny Molen De Roos and a minuscule Hugo de Groot with his wooden chest. Ceramic artist Nan Deardorff McClain created this unusual work with the help of hundreds of volunteers. You can admire it in Papenstraat.

TIP: The Ceramic Map is also part of the Ceramics Route.


The Ceramics Route lasts for roughly an hour and takes you past all kinds of ceramic highlights in Delft. Including many Delft Blue exhibits, as you would expect. The route starts under the old chestnut trees on St. Agathaplein, where you can admire the painted pottery lamp posts with a Delft Blue motif and the ‘Homage to Gaudi’, a ceramic Delft Blue bench.

You can find the Ceramics Route here.

  • Closeup Delfts Blauw bord
  • Zijkant weergave van Delfts Blauw borden op de muur
  • Voorkant Delfts Blauw borden op de muur
  • Delfts Blauw muurbeschildering met 'Het meisje met de Parel'
  • Delfts Blauw beschildering in actie


Are you looking for a delightful Delft Blue souvenir for your home? The pottery factories in Delft offer all kinds of beautiful objects. On the market square, in the centre of the city, Delft Blue is on display in the shop windows almost everywhere you look. Ranging from genuine Delft Blue crockery to light-hearted souvenirs. At De Blauwe Tulp and Madame Blue, you can watch craftsmen as they paint and decorate the pottery in the traditional manner.


The impressive Delft Blue Tulip Pyramid is located in the Land Art Delft sculpture park in the southern part of Delft. This vase, measuring no less than 12 metres in height, was completely hand-painted by Royal Delft's artists. It is prominently visible, directly next to the A13 motorway, and surrounded by extensive gardens in a sprawling sculpture park. Land Art Delft is open to visitors every day from sunrise to sunset.

Delftsblauwe tulpenpiramide in Delft

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