The ring of centuries-old canals, ancient churches, museums and Delft Blue, the city’s world famous blue and white pottery. There is so much to see in Delft! But what is the best way to explore the city? This blog suggests 5 unique ways of discovering Delft. Choose the means of transport that suits you!


This option - walking - has to be on everybody’s list! Stroll through the historic city centre and enjoy all the beautiful buildings and other attractions that the city has to offer on the way. All the sights in Delft are within easy walking distance of each other.

(Online) Walking routes

We have put together online walking routes for you, which take you past all the hidden hotspots and famous highlights in Delft. For example, you can follow in the footsteps of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and find out more about the life of the man who discovered microbiology. Or you can walk between the imposing buildings of the former Technical College that were built between 1895 and 1945. You can also learn all about the city’s famous Delft Blue pottery as you walk our ceramic route. Click here to select your choice of online route.

You can also purchase two inspiring walking routes at Delft Tourist Office. The historic walk offered for sale by Delft Tourist Office includes a written description and a map showing the route through Delft. Or you can choose the Vermeer walk, which takes you to locations that played an important role in Vermeer’s life, such as the house on Voldersgracht where he was born.

Would you like a guide to accompany you?

If you enjoy listening to colourful stories told by a local during your walk, we recommend walking through Delft with a guide. We have listed a number of options for you. See: Discover Delft with a guide

Metalen kubus op de stoep van Delft met 'Het meisje met de Parel' van Vermeer en tekst

Delft from the water

Boat tour
Historic delft is perhaps best seen from the water. Cruise leisurely along stately canal houses and under the old arched bridges. Worth knowing: according to popular opinion, the canals of delft are among the prettiest in the Netherlands. So they are definitely worth a visit.

Canal hopper
Go on a cruise through the historic canals in an electric motorboat. These near-silent and environmentally friendly boats take you on a voyage of discovery to well-known and not so well-known places in the city. The experienced skippers will show you the narrowest canals and cruise under the lowest of bridges where other boats can’t go.


Step briefly into the past...

For a moment, you feel as though you are in 19th century Delft... Climb into the horse-drawn tram, parade along the canals and discover the historic city centre. A memorable experience for young and old.

You get on the Paardentram on the market square in front of/next to the town hall. You can buy tickets when you get on the tram or reserve them on the website. The tram ride costs €37.50. If there are more than 3 passengers, the charge per additional person is €12.50. The tram seats a maximum of 8 people.

Twee paarden met een wagen en een bestuurder staan voor het Stadhuis van Delft


Discover Delft and its surroundings

Nothing is so typically Dutch as a bike ride! Simply cycle to all the sights or go for a ride through the beautiful nature areas around. Delft Tourist Office has set out a beautiful 35-kilometre route that uses the national cycle route junction network. Another recommendation is this superb bicycle tour from Delft to Maasland and Schipluiden, which takes you through Delft and the peaty meadows of Midden-Delfland.

Would you like to rent a bicycle, or go on a guided bicycle tour? Go to this page for detailed information.

Vermeer Centrum Delft fiets


Discover Delft in an enjoyable, practical and environmentally friendly manner: with the Delft City Shuttle. You can get on and off the shuttle bus at different stops or go on a 35-minute sightseeing tour. A ‘hop-on hop-off day trip’ costs €5 and can be purchased at all the stops.

The Delft City Shuttle operates daily from 10am to 5pm from April to November. From November to April, it operates from Thursday to Sunday from noon to 5pm. A ‘hop-on hop-off day trip’ costs €5 and a single A-B ticket costs €3. The tickets can be purchased at all the stops.

You can board the shuttle every 20 minutes at one of the following locations:

  • Tourist Office on Market Squar
  • Hampshire Hotel Delft Center
  • Camping Delftse Hout
  • Westcord Hotel
  • TU Science Centre
  • Royal Delft
  • Stadskoffyhuis
  • Botanical Garden
  • Delft Central Station
  • Museum Prinsenhof
  • New & Old Church
  • Chocolate Company Cafe
  • Grandcafé Het Konings Huys
  • Willem van Oranje Grand Café
  • Belvédère Café
  • Royal Bridges Hotels
  • Brands Rondvaarten
  • Hotel Johannes Vermeer
  • Delft city shuttle on Delft's market square
Delft city shuttle op de markt in Delft


Where can you take a breather during your tour of Delft? You can sit down for a relaxing break at one of Delft's pavement cafés.

What else is there to do in Delft? Keep an eye on our events calendar and also look at our Facebook and Instagram pages regularly. Have fun!

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