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6. Nieuwe Kerk (New Church)

Markt 80

Most of Johannes Vermeer’s life revolved on and around the Markt (market square). The Nieuwe Kerk and the Markt have special meaning in Johannes Vermeer’s life. Vermeer was baptised in the Nieuwe Kerk on 31 October 1632. The Nieuwe Kerk is also where his family members were laid to rest. His grandfather on his father’s side, his parents, his sister and his wife are all buried here, as opposed to Johannes Vermeer, who was buried at the Oude Kerk.

Nieuwe Kerk Delft

7. Beestenmarkt 26

Johannes Vermeer’s father, Reynier Jansz, was born in 1591 at the Beestenmarkt. Vermeer’s father lived from age 6 to 17 at De Drie Hamers (The Three Hammers) inn, also located on the Beestenmarkt. He studied in Amsterdam but returned afterwards to the Beestenmarkt in Delft with his wife. Johannes Vermeer’s sister, Geertruyt, was also born at the Beestenmarkt in 1620. Vermeer himself never spent any time here, but the rest of his family lived here for many years.

8. Voldersgracht 25

Johannes Vermeer was born in 1632 in his father’s inn on the Voldersgracht 25/26: the Vliegende Vos (Flying Fox) inn. Vermeer’s father called himself Reynier Jansz. Vos in those days. He didn’t adopt the surname Vermeer until 1640. Reynier was both an innkeeper and an art dealer, and he maintained good relationships with Delft painters such as Pieter de Hooch and Carel Fabritius. You can still visit Vermeer’s place of birth today. The Vliegende Vos inn was restored to its former glory in 2018 with exclusive hotel rooms. And as of 1 February 2023, you can visit this inn for a cup of coffee and more insight into Vermeer’s life.

Het geboortehuis van Vermeer

9. Paardenmarkt

Paardenmarkt 1

On 12 October 1654, disaster struck in Delft: the ‘Delftse Donderslag’. Where the Paardenmarkt now stands today once stood the Kruithuis, the city’s powder magazine. The Kruithuis served as a vast warehouse for gunpowder. When the powder magazine exploded during the ‘Delftse Donderslag’, half the city ended up in ruins. A good friend of Johannes Vermeer, Carel Fabritius, lived in the Doelenstraat. Most of the people who lived in this street were amongst the dead, including Carel Fabritius.

Fabritius was one of Rembrandt’s apprentices between around 1641 and 1643. He moved to Delft in 1650, where he painted portraits, city views and his famous painting The Goldfinch. Vermeer got his inspiration in part from Fabritius’ paintings.

10. Oude Langendijk 25

Between 1660 and 1675, Vermeer lived with his wife, Catharina Bolnes, and his fifteen children in the house of his wealthy mother-in-law, Maria Thins. Vermeer lived and worked for around 15 years in this house on the Oude Langendijk. Most of his body of work was painted here.

Oude Langedijk Vermeer

11. Doelenplein

If you were considered ‘prosperous’ in the seventeenth century, you were expected to become a member of the schutterij, the civic guard. Vermeer was a member. The Doelenplein was where ‘de Doelen’ stood. This was the building where the Delft civic guard met. In the Schuttersboek from 1674, Johannes Vermeer is listed as a member of the first squadron (small tactical cavalry unit) of the oranje vendel. Vermeer’s membership connected him with important people, such as collectors and potential customers.

We do not know when the painter joined the civic guard, but Johannes Vermeer used to meet as a member of the Delft civic guard at the spot where the Doelenplein is located today.

Het Doelenplein


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