On the Market square, opposite the New Church, you will find the historical Town Hall of Delft. The Town Hall was originally built in around 1200, but was almost completely destroyed by a fire in 1618. Only the tower ‘Het Steen’ survived.

Hendrik de Keyser

The famous architect Hendrik de Keyser designed a new building around the tower. De Keyser was one of the best architects of his time. In addition to the Town Hall, his architectural achievements also included the ornate tomb of Willem of Orange in the New Church.

Meisje met rood haar voor het Stadhuis in Delft
  • Meisje met rood haar voor het Stadhuis in Delft
  • Detailopname van het Stadhuis van Delft op de Markt
  • Uitzicht over Delft op een heldere, zonnige dag
  • Closeup Stadhuis Delft met rode ramen
  • Volledige Stadhuis in de avond vanaf de Markt in Delft

Prison Het Steen

The tower ‘Het Steen’ was once used as a prison, and its most notorious prisoner was Balthasar Gerards, the man who assassinated Willem of Orange. The mediaeval prison, and the devices that we use a tortured prisoners, can still be seen during the school holidays as part of a guided tour. With the exception of the tower ‘Het Steen’, the Town Hall now houses the offices and assembly rooms of Delft city council.

Twee jongeren in het Stadsgevangenis Het Steen

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