Delft entrepreneurs have developed a line of products specially for the year of the Golden Age. From golden Dutch shortbread biscuits to Golden Age Beer. Come and be pleasantly surprised!

Products with a story

With five high-quality products, the entrepreneurs tell a number of stories, including those of coffee, cheese, chocolate and the story of Delft. And it does not matter if you prefer sweet or savoury, as there will be something to suit everyone’s taste! These products have been combined into a Golden Age product package, which can be purchased for € 28.50 at the Delft Tourist Information point. A great give-away!


6 ondernemers verdeeld in twee rijen, boven en onder, met een "Stap in de Gouden Eeuw" bord in het midden

Sweet and savoury!

The sweet products in this line are coffee from Miss Morrison, unique golden Dutch shortbread biscuits from bakery De Diamanten Ring and last but not least chocolate VOC (Dutch East India Company) coins from Chocolate shop De Lelie. The savoury Golden Age Products are just as special! Try the Golden Age beer of Bierhistorie Delft. The special cheese is available from Boerderijzuivel & meer.

Puur, melk en witte VOC chocolademunten
  • Één bruine fles met een gele "Het Gouden Vocht" label op een stenen trap
  • Één pak Gouden Eeuw-spritsen op een stenen trap
  • Een goud verpakte pakje koffie van Miss Morrison op een stenen trap
  • Één vacuüm verpakte kaas op een stenen trap

Want to try these unique golden products? They are available at the participating shops. The complete product package is for sale at the Tourist Information: VVV Delft (Kerkstraat 3). See you soon!

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