Sunglasses on your head, tickling grass under your feet and a refreshing drink in your hands. It’s summer! Time for relaxation and sunny outings. Summer is pre-eminently the season to go out and enjoy yourself. Good news: Delft offers many possibilities this summer. We have listed the best summer activities for you!

1. Climb the tower of the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church)

Take it higher up this summer! The climb includes 376(!) steps, but the amazing view of the city will absolutely reward you. In good weather you can even see the sea.

Tip: Buy your ticket for the Nieuwe Kerk here

Uitzicht vanaf de Nieuwe Kerk in Delft

2. Admire the silver at Museum Prinsenhof Delft

In the early 17th century, Delft silver was among the finest in the Low Countries. For the first time in 50 years, the Museum Prinsenhof Delft is presenting an overview of the most beautiful silver objects produced in Delft. Discover why the art of silver was often more highly valued in the 17th century than the art of painting and how silver has been connecting generations with each other for decades.

3. Go for a walk

Do you want to stretch your legs? Grab your smartphone and enjoy a nice walk through Delft! What about the Ceramics Route? Also interesting: the route that allows you to follow in the footsteps of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, citizen of Delft and founder of microbiology. We also recommend the Art Walk. All these walks are free of charge and you can enjoy them at your own pace. Your smartphone serves as navigation and will give you more information about all the highlights.

Tip: Do you prefer a guided walk? Here, you will find an overview of guides in Delft.

tegelmannen Delft

4. Cool off

Is the thermometer reaching 30 degrees? Then you probably want to cool off! There are many places in Delft, where you can enjoy the water. For example at Knus, in the middle of the Delftse Hout and at only 10 minutes from the centre, where you can rent rowing boats and pedal boats. Do you prefer to stay in the city? It might be a good idea to rent a sloop at Canal Hopper Delft or an inflatable supboard at Siem.

Rondvaart Delft

5. Immerse yourself in Schiffmacher’s Delft Blue

Delft Blue pottery and tattoos may not be the most obvious combination, but they have more in common than thought. You discover it at Royal Blue. The exhibition 'Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo' has been extended until 31st October

Tip: Buy your ticket here

6. Ontdek een nieuw museum

While walking along the canals, you can admire the stately buildings. What would they look like on the inside? Good news: At Museumhuis van Meerten you can admire the special building from the inside. Lambert van Meerten (1842 -1904) was an enthusiast collector of building fragments, Delft pottery and furniture. Due to his increasing collection he had a house built for it, which you can admire!

Tip: Are you impressed by this museum and do you want to see more pomp and circumstance? Then visit Museum Paul Tetar van Elven at the Koornmarkt.

voordeur museumhuis van meerten in delft

7. Go shopping

Did you know that Delft has many nice boutiques and concept stores? While wandering through the city centre you will undoubtedly notice a few real gems, like BijMarliesRay Brandstore and  O'Donna for trendy clothing. Or perhaps InStore, LocoLama or Sup-r will be your favourite shop in Delft this summer?

8. Get to know Vermeer

All master pieces by painter Johannes Vermeer collected in one building? In the Vermeer Centrum you will not only find reproductions of his master pieces. In the interactive exhibition you will learn how he made his paintings and what his life in Delft looked like.

Tip: Buy your ticket here

Vermeer Centrum Delft

Lots of fun!

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