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The Oostpoort

The Oostpoort
Our route begins at the historic Oostpoort, the only remaining city gate in Delft. The gate was built around 1400 and the towers were heightened in the 16th century. The Oostpoort consists of a land-gate and a water-gate that are connected by the remains of the city wall.

William of Orange settled in Delft in 1572. He chose Delft because the city had some of the best defences in Holland. In 1572, William of Orange moved into the Convent of St Agatha, later renamed the Prinsenhof (and today the Museum Prinsenhof Delft).

Picture captions (from left to right):
1. The Oostpoort in Delft
2. William of Orange in 1580, by Adriaen Thomasz Key
3. Map of Delft in 1652, by Blaeu


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  • The Oostpoort, the city gate of Delft
  • William of Orange settled in Delft in 1572
  • At that time, Delft’s defences were among the best in Holland