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Delft waterways and the ‘compartmentable’ city centre canal system

  • 30 min (2400m)
  • 7 stops
  • Start point: 'Het Huyterhuis’, water authority headquarters

About this route

Let us take you on a journey through the waterways of Delft, using the map drawn up by the brothers Jacob en Nicolaes Kruikius commissioned by the Delfland Water Authority in 1712.

Kruikius Map from 1712
Created using the surveying instruments of the time, such as the Holland Circle for measuring angles and a surveyors’ chain with a fixed length. Despite the expansion of towns and villages in the area, which required the filling in of drainage canals in the polders, the map remains very accurate and up to date. The map shows the North Sea at the top, turned 90 degrees because of the border decorations.

It includes all the dikes, polder dikes, locks, ring canals, polder drainage channels, windmills, bridges and the plot boundaries in the area.

Digital magnifying glass
You can use a digital magnifying glass to look through the modern map here and see the Kruikius Map from 1712. You can also use it to examine the border decorations.

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