Visit the home of a 19th-century artist. On one of the most beautiful canals in Delft – the Koornmarkt – you will find the 16th-century house that was once the home of the painter and passionate art collector Paul Tétar van Elven (1823-1896). He lived here until 1892 and left the house and all its contents to the city of Delft so it could be turned into a museum. The museum eventually opened in 1927!

  • Portretschilderij van schilderende Paul Tétar van Elven
  • Witte gang met gouden zijtafel en houten deuren
  • Eetkamer met gedekte tafel en kroonluchter
  • Voorzijde huis van Paul

The house is worth visiting just to see the late 19th-century interior design. The authentic furniture in this painter's house will take you right back to the 19th century. Paul Tétar was known as an historical painter, but he also regularly painted portraits. The museum is full of family portraits painted by him. His well-preserved art collection includes oriental porcelain, Delftware, drawings, weapons, costumes, and furniture.

The museum regularly organises exhibitions and other activities.

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