Are you planning a visit to Delft? You will have a great time! There is more than enough art, culture and science for you to experience in our beautiful city.

For example, learn all about the life of William the Silent or visit the home of a 19th century artist. Or would you prefer to immerse yourself in the world of the latest technological gadgets? Delft offers a wide range of museums and attractions for young and old.


Museum Prinsenhof

Sint Agathaplein 1

In Museum Prinsenhof Delft you can discover the history of the Netherlands. The museum was the scene of one of the most important events in Dutch history: the assassination of William the Silent. William moved into the Saint Agatha monastry in 1572, which was then renamed Prinsenhof, and which eventually became the Museum Prinsenhof Delft. On 10th of July 1584, he was shot by Balthasar Gerards as he climbed the stairs to his office. You can still see the bullet holes in the wall of the museum!

In Museum Prinsenhof Delft you're taken on a journey through Delft's rich past and artistic and cultural heritage. In the museum you can learn about famous residents of Delft as Johannes Vermeer, Michiel van Mierevelt, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and Hugo de Groot. See how centuries of trade and commerce, engineering, art, and science have brought affluence to the Netherlands and changed the world.


Museum Paul Tétar van Elven

Koornmarkt 67

Visit the home of a 19th-century artist! On one of the most beautiful canals in Delft – the Koornmarkt – you will find the 16th-century house that was once the home of the painter and passionate art collector Paul Tétar van Elven (1823-1896). He lived here until 1892 and left the house and all its contents to the city of Delft so it could be turned into a museum. The museum eventually opened in 1927.The rich interior and story of his life are fascinating and well worth a visit.


Museum Paul Tetar van Elven

Royal Delft Museum

Rotterdamseweg 196

Royal Delft is the only remaining earthenware factory from the 17th century where the world-famous Delft Blue ceramics are still made. You can see the painters performing their craft with the same passion and vitality in accordance with centuries-old traditions.

In the museum you can admire all the highlights of the iconic collection of Delft Blue and Royal Delftware, such as the blue and white tulip pyramid. During the Royal Delft Experience you can discover the complete history and learn all about the production process of Royal Delftware. Finally, you can wander through the factory and see the production process.

  • Museum Prinsenhof Delft
  • Museum Prinsenhof
  • Molen De Roos
  • Vermeer Centrum

Vermeer Centrum

Voldersgracht 21

The Vermeer Centrum in Delft is the only place in the world where you can admire actual-size reproductions of Johannes Vermeer's complete oeuvre. You can find out all about Vermeer’s life, family, work and the city that so inspired him.

The master painter from Delft is particularly famous for his stunning depiction of sunlight. Step into the light studio, imagine you are Vermeer at work in the 17th century and try to discover his secret.

Vermeer Centrum

Museumhouse van Meerten

Oude Delft 199

Lambert van Meerten (1842 -1904) was an enthusiastic collector of architectural objects, Delft Blue pottery and furniture. His collection grew so large that he had a house built to accommodate it.  And now you can admire it in this museum!


voordeur museumhuis van meerten in delft

Molen de Roos

Phoenixstraat 111

Molen de Roos is a conspicuous landmark as you wander through Delft. De Roos is the only remaining windmill of a total of 18 that used to operate in Delft. Wind power is put to productive use every week in the De Roos mill to grind organically grown grain down to flour. You can enter the mill to look at the mechanism and enjoy a beautiful view over Delft from the upper platform.

TU Delft Hortus Botanicus

Poortlandplein 6

The botanical garden is a quiet oasis where you can admire an extensive collection of plants, from tropical regions in some cases, and centuries-old trees. The botanical garden is located next to Delft Technical University.

Nationale Museumweek in Delft

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