Are you planning a visit to Delft? You will have a great time! There is more than enough art, culture and science for you to experience in our beautiful city.

For example, learn all about the life of the Dutch “Father of the Fatherland” or visit the home of a 19th century artist. Or would you prefer to immerse yourself in the world of the latest technological gadgets? Delft offers a wide range of museums and attractions for young and old.


Museum Prinsenhof

Visitors to Museum Prinsenhof are taken on a journey through Delft's rich past and artistic and cultural heritage. Not only is the permanent collection very impressive, the temporary exhibitions are also well worth a visit. More information about the exhibitions can be found on Museum Prinsenhof's website.

Tip: did you know that William of Orange was murdered by Balthasar Gerards in the Prinsenhof on 10 July 1584? In the museum, you can still see the bullet holes in the wall!

Address: Sint Agathaplein 1

Opening hours: Open tuesday - sunday from 11am to 5pm. During national school holidays also open on monday.

Schilderij willem van oranje

Museum Paul Tétar van Elven

Fancy paying a visit to the home of a 19th century artist? Delft offers you that opportunity on one of the most beautiful canals in the city, the Koornmarkt. This is where you will find the 16th century home that was once occupied by Paul Tétar van Elven (1823-1896). A painter and passionate art collector, he lived here until 1892. After his death, he left the house and its contents to the city of Delft for use as a museum. The rich interior and story of his life are fascinating and well worth a visit.

Address: Koornmarkt 67

OPENING HOURS  Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm.

Admission: Buy your ticket in advance here


Museum Paul Tetar van Elven

Science Centre Delft

Is one of your children a budding engineer? If so, you should definitely visit Science Centre Delft. The Science Centre transports you into the world of science and technology. It is a unique repository for all the research projects and studies carried out by Delft University of Technology.

Address: Mijnbouwstraat 120

Opening hours: from 6 June, open on weekends for a Science Experience.


De Porceleyne Fles

Are you interested in Delft Blue pottery? If so, you should definitely visit De Porceleyne Fles!

De Porceleyne Fles is the only surviving 17th century pottery factory where Delft Blue pottery is still made today. In the museum, you can learn all about the old techniques and watch the craftsmen skilfully paint the pieces.

ADDRESS: Rotterdamseweg 196

OPENING HOURS: Monday and Tuesday 11.30am – 5pm

Wednesday to Sunday 10am – 5pm

ADMISSION: Buy your ticket in advance here

Royal Delft delfts blauw vaas

Vermeer Centrum

The Vermeer Centrum in Delft is the only place in the world where you can admire actual-size reproductions of Vermeer's complete oeuvre. You can find out all about Vermeer’s life, family, work and the city that so inspired him.

The Delft master painter is particularly famous for his stunning depiction of sunlight. Step into the light studio, imagine you are Vermeer at work in the Dutch Golden Age and try to discover his secret.

ADDRESS:  Voldersgracht 21

OPENING HOURS Every day from 10am - 5pm

ADMISSION: Buy your ticket in advance here

Vermeer Centrum Delft fiets

Museumhouse van Meerten

Lambert van Meerten (1842 -1904) was an enthusiastic collector of architectural objects, Delft Blue pottery and furniture. His collection grew so large that he had a house built to accommodate it.  And now you can admire it in this museum!

ADDRESS:  Oude Delft 199

OPENING HOURS  Friday and  Saturday 11am - 5pm, Sunday 1pm - 5pm


voordeur museumhuis van meerten in delft

PAAUW Delft blue factory

Another Delftware experience for true lovers of ceramics: Paauw Delft Blue factory, owned and run by Heinen Delfts Blauw, a family business that specialises in Delft Blue pottery. The pottery factory continues the 17th century tradition of fully hand-painted Delft pottery.

NOTE: The Paauw Delft blue factory is temporarily closed until further notice.

The guided tour through the factory shows you all the steps required to make Delft Blue pottery. From initial moulding of the clay to the painters who skilfully and accurately paint the motifs and designs on the pottery. The guided tours and workshops are a truly personal experience due to the small-scale nature of the factory, and visitors are allowed to view the production process at close range.

ADDRESS: Delftweg 133



Molen de Roos

Molen de Roos is a conspicuous landmark as you wander through Delft. De Roos is the only remaining windmill of a total of 18 that used to operate in Delft. Wind power is put to productive use every week in the De Roos mill to grind organically grown grain down to flour. You can enter the mill to look at the mechanism and enjoy a beautiful view over Delft from the upper platform.

ADDRESS: Phoenixstraat 111

OPENING TIMES: at present, the mill shop is only open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

Botanical garden

The botanical garden is a quiet oasis where you can admire an extensive collection of plants, from tropical regions in some cases, and centuries-old trees. The botanical garden is located next to Delft Technical University.

OPENING HOURS Monday to Saturday   10am to 5pm, Sunday noon to 5pm

ADDRESS: Poortlandplein 6

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