Johannes Vermeer is alive! Maybe even more than ever. In Delft you can meet him and his muse Pearl (The Girl with a Pearl Earring) during a unique podwalk about the life of Dutch masterpainter Vermeer. In sound, image and Augmented Reality (AR) that is.Johannes and Pearl show up from the 17th century to explore the 21st via the digital platform Vizgu, a digital novity in the Netherlands. The app that connects to the platform  premiers in the authentic city of Delft


Discover the life of Johannes Vermeer in Delft

The modern era has generated quite a bit of discussion between the painter and his muse. For Pearl stands up to her master and tries to live her own independent life in the 21st century. While Johannes clings to what once was, the 'cheeky' Pearl believes that it is time for the master painter to move with the times. She does everything she can to escape from the past and belong in the future.

Go out with Johannes and Pearl, walk along 8 stops in the historic city center of Delft and discover the places associated with Vermeer, such as his birthplace,house and the Guild of Saint Luke where the artists of Delft gathered at that time.

Het geboortehuis van Johannes Vermeer in Delft


You can find the Podwalk in the Vizgu app. Through this app, Delft is digitally accessible to anyone looking for an innovative city experience. You will find the best hotspots, activities, a number of nice discount vouchers and of course the Podwalk!

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Vizgu app Delft

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