Due to its central location, Delft makes an excellent base for visits to the surrounding cities, and Rotterdam in particular. It only takes 10 minutes to get to this vibrant city from Delft by train. Rotterdam is especially well-known for its spectacular architecture.


Connection between North and South

This bridge is known locally as ‘The Swan’. And when you see the bridge, you can understand why. The bridge was opened in 1996.

  • Verlichte Hofplein fontein in Rotterdam
  • Het Nhow Hotel in Rotterdam

Discover Rotterdam by boat

Discover Rotterdam and one of the largest ports in the world on a Spido cruise boat. This cruise will take you past all the major sights of the port in around 75 minutes.


Delft in Rotterdam

In the Middle Ages, Delfshaven was still part of Delft and served as the city's port on the North Sea. Nowadays, Delfshaven is considered to be the oldest part of Rotterdam and has lots of friendly bars and restaurants.


A view from 185 meters

On a clear day, you can see the Euromast in Rotterdam from the top of the New Church tower. This tower is 185 m tall, and is the highest observation tower in the Netherlands (the New Church is 108.75 m). The lift in the Euromast takes you up to 100 m in only 30 seconds, and from the observation platform you can enjoy a great view of the Rotterdam skyline.

Central Station

Toegangspoort tot Rotterdam

The latest addition to the eye-catching architecture of Rotterdam is the new Central Station. The arched atrium is particularly striking. It creates an impressive gateway that leads you out into the centre of Rotterdam. Despite its modern appearance, a number of historical elements from the old station building have still been preserved inside.


Nieuw Rotterdams trots

The Markthal is a new indoor market that has quickly become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Rotterdam. The extravagant architecture and exotic colours combined with the smell of all the fresh food on sale make a visit to the Markthal a very sensual and exciting experience.

Lonely Planet: "Futuristic architecture, inspired initiatives such as inner-city canal surfing, a proliferation of art, and a surge of drinking, dining and nightlife venues make Rotterdam one of Europe’s most exhilarating cities right now".


After a visit to all the historical attractions in Delft, you can take a trip to Rotterdam and get a contemporary perspective on modern art in galleries such as the Kunsthal.

The Cube Houses

A forrest of cubes

The Cube Houses in Rotterdam are famous throughout the world for their totally unique and original design. In the so-called ‘Show Cube’ you can experience for yourself what it is like to live in a cube house - and the challenges that the people who live there have to face every day. Be careful not to hit your head though!

Buitenkant gele kubuswoningen in Rotterdam

And there is so much more to discover.

A visit to Rotterdam is therefore an essential part of any visit to Delft. Go to www.rotterdam.info for more information.

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