While there is always plenty to experience in historic Delft, the city’s offerings for 2019 can be described as truly exceptional. This is because 2019 is being celebrated as the year of the Golden Age. And as a city of the Golden Age, Delft has ample treasures on offer...

Delft and the Golden Age

A golden age for the city

The Golden Age was a time of flourishing of the economy, arts and science. Nowhere is Golden Age more visible or tangible than in Delft!

The city played an important role in the founding of the VOC (the Dutch East India Company) in 1602 and was one of six cities that boasted a Chamber of the VOC. The world-renowned Delft Blue was developed in 17th-century Delft. Furthermore, famous Dutch masters such as Johannes Vermeer, Pieter de Hooch and Carel Fabritius lived and worked in the city. Delft also played a key role in science in the Golden Age. Delft scientists such as Hugo de Groot, Reinier de Graaf and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek are still remembered around the world for their scientific contributions.

Schilderij 'Gezicht op Delft' van Johannes Vermeer
2019 is the year to discover everything about the Golden Age of centuries ago in the Delft of today!

The year of the Golden Age in Delft

What can you expect from the year of the Golden Age? Entrepreneurs have developed a golden product line, attractive ‘golden’ packages are on offer and you are sure to find some gems that appeal to you in the special cultural programme. Below we illuminate a few highlights:

Glorious Delft Blue

18 January - 30 June 2019

Imposing portraits, fascinating still lifes and stylish showpieces: the Golden Age was a unique period for Dutch art. The characteristic Delft Blue pottery was developed in Delft in the 17th century.

Royal Delft is the only remaining original pottery dating from the 17th century. It has been producing stylish and iconic Delft Blue ever since the Golden Age. Their exhibition ‘Glorious Delft Blue’ is a chance to discover the Delft Blue glory and grandeur of this period in all its splendour. There are also fun monthly themed activities you are welcome to join in.

Delfts Blauw standbeeld van Proud Mary

Summer Gold

Summer fun for young and old

In the warm summer months, the golden sunlight glitters over the city. But in the summer of 2019, Delft is set to shine even more brightly! Events going on in this period will be given an additional ‘golden lining’ and there will be extra activities. Guaranteed fun for young and old!

Vol terras met houten banken en tafels

Pieter de Hooch exhibition

11 October 2019 - 16 February 2020

The absolute highlight of the year is the Pieter de Hooch exhibition in the Prinsenhof Museum in Delft. Emerging from Vermeer's shadow! This is the first exhibition in the Netherlands dedicated to this renowned Delft master.

Together with Johannes Vermeer, De Hooch is considered one of the most important Delft masters from the Golden Age. He produced his most beautiful paintings in the period when he worked in Delft. After an absence of almost four centuries(!), these masterpieces have been brought back to the city where they were created by the Prinsenhof Museum in Delft. They are on loan from large international collections from around the world. A total of around 35 paintings are on show.

The exhibition is a unique opportunity to admire many of Pieter de Hooch's work under one roof. So be sure to circle 11 October 2019 in your calendar in gold!

Het schilderij 'De binnenplaats van een huis in Delft' van Pieter de Hooch

Stay tuned!

This is but a small selection of the activities being organised in 2019 to celebrate the year of the Golden Age. Check our website and Facebook page regularly for news and events or contact the Tourist Information Office (VVV) for more information. Enter our Golden Age in 2019!

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