The stunning East Gate is the only surviving city gate of Delft, and is always a great place to take a photograph to remind you of your visit to Delft. If you are in the centre of Delft, a walk to the East Gate is definitely worth the while.

  • Oostpoort in Delft op een zonnige dag
  • Verlichte Oostpoort in de avond
  • Oospoort koepel met reflecterend water
  • Foto van het water met de Oostpoort op de achtergrond en reflecterend in het water
  • Fietsende man met een vrouw achterop bij Oostpoort


The city walls of Delft, with their eight city gates, were originally built around the year 1400. The city gates were the only way into Delft, and provided an excellent defence against hostile attack. Because of the high city walls, city gates, and canals, Willem of Orange decided to make Delft his headquarters in 1572. The East Gate consists of a gate and a drawbridge that are connected to each other by the last remaining piece of the city walls of Delft.

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