Delft and the Royal Family have a historic connection which has existed for hundreds of years. It is the city in which ‘Father of the Fatherland’ William of Orange lived after his flight from Breda in 1572, and where he was murdered twelve years later. But the relationship between Delft and the Royal Family also has a modern touch. We have listed the three most important orange highlights of Delft for you. Walk along through Delft; City of Orange!

Museum Prinsenhof Delft

Start your voyage of discovery at Museum Prinsenhof Delft. This is the place where one of the most important events in Dutch history took place. In 1584 William of Orange was shot here on the stairs by Balthasar Gerards. The bullet holes are still here in the wall …

Buitenkant van het Museum Prinsenhof in Delft; Delft stad van Oranje

De Oude Kerk (English Old Church)

The second stop in the Delft, city of orange route is nearby. Just around the corner of Museum Prinsenhof Delft you will immediately see the Oude Kerk, which dominates the skyline of Delft with its leaning tower. Admire the tower, the beautiful stained glass and the graves of famous Dutchmen such as Johannes Vermeer, Piet Hein and Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek.

Good to know: with your ticket for the Oude Kerk you can also go to the Nieuwe Kerk. Buy your ticket here!

Buitenkant de Oude Kerk in Delft

De Nieuwe Kerk (English New Church)

Walk from the Oude Kerk to the impressive Nieuwe Kerk in approx. five minutes. It is the final resting-place of William of Orange. Members of the Royal Family are also buried here. In addition to the impressive mausoleum of William of Orange there is also a permanent exhibition about the special history of the church. Would you like to admire the best view of Delft? Then climb the second highest tower in the Netherlands, with 376 steps.

Delft stad van oranje

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