The great thing about Delft is that ‘old and new’ go hand in hand. Each year, more than 20,000 students study technical subjects at the Delft University of Technology (known as TU Delft) and make Delft a real student city. You can see that straightaway on the streets in Delft.

Not only are there lots of happy students, there are also plenty of technological innovations on display and a revolving exhibition of large objects from the D-Dream Hall collection of TU Delft in the atrium of the Central Station.

The D-Dream Hall is a place where teams of students develop new and exciting technological innovations. Currently on display are the world-famous Nuna 5,  the world's fastest bicycle VeloX, and the DUT14, an ultra-light car that weighs only 153 kg. Enter your QR code and you will get background information about the technology behind these inventions.

  • Blije studenten in het oranje bij een auto met zonnepanelen
  • Staande lichtgevende aluminium kolommen
  • Witte auto met zonnepanelen op de voorkant
  • Vrouw met een VR bril op waar licht uit komt
  • Wit rode robot staat op de Markt voor het Stadhuis in Delft

Would you like to know more about the rich history of TU Delft and the city?

You can go on a guided tour with a student from the TU Delft and find out all sorts of interesting facts about the close relationship between science and the city centre. You can go inside the Prinsenkamer on the Oude Delft, the first boardroom of the old School of Technology (the predecessor of the TU Delft). This room is usually closed to the public. The room has been restored in the old historical style with original paintings from the collection of the TU Delft. The guided tour is held every Saturday and starts at VVV Delft. You will find more information about the tour here:

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