Strolling along the ancient canals through the historic centre of Delft, you find yourself in the Golden Age. You can taste and feel the history and discover the stories of Delft Blue, Johannes Vermeer and William of Orange. In Delft you can also experience the modern and contemporary.

Delft: a must see

In Delft you will discover the Netherlands. Delft is like a miniature Netherlands and has a historic city center with beautiful façades, narrow canals, bridges and narrow alleys. The city center is restricted to car traffic, making it ideal for strolling and enjoying the historic atmosphere.

Stel op de cameretten Delft met uitzicht op de nieuwe kerk


Holland made in Delft

The history of Delft is the number one reason for visiting the city center. Within walking distance you will find monuments, churches and museums that refer to the three major historical core values of the city; Delft Blue, Orange and Vermeer.

Witte muur met de kogelgaten in het Museum Prinsenhof Delft


Must sees in Delft

The Market is one of the most beautiful squares of the Netherlands. On the square you will find the imposing New Church. The Royal Vault and the mausoleum of William of Orange are located here. A little further on, at the Museum Prinsenhof Delft, you will find the former residence of William of Orange and where he was assassinated. The bullet holes are still the silent witnesses of the murder by Balthasar Gerards.

More information about Vermeer can be seen at the Vermeer Center Delft at the Voldersgracht.

A visit to Delft is not complete without a tour to one of the Delft Blue earthenware factories.

Delfts Blauw mannelijke schilder in Royal Delft

Typical Holland

The atmosphere of Delft is typically Dutch. The many terraces, cafés, restaurants and shops in the inner city make Delft a charming gem in the metropolitan area which is called "de Randstad". The population of Delft is relatively young and international due to the presence of Technical University. Delft is a must visit during your trip to the Netherlands.

Nederlandse vlaggen en klompen op de foto met de Nieuwe Kerk op de achtergrond


Delft is located in the center of the city, centrally located between The Hague and Rotterdam. Delft is the ideal starting location to explore the rest of the region and even the rest of Holland. Traveling by train from Amsterdam takes approximately 45 minutes, by car approximately an hour. Even from cities that are located further away it only takes (a maximum of) three hours to travel to Delft.

Travel by Coach
In Delft it is prohibited for coaches to park in the city centre. There are special parking places for coaches. Check out parking for touroperators for a overview of all parking places.

Met de trein


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