Delft has many special places, varying from historic canals to cosy squares. Do you want to enjoy your stay longer, to discover everything? Delft offers all kinds of special hotels, to spend the night. We have listed the most unique hotels for you!

Hotel de Plataan

In Hotel de Plataan each room is special, but the themed rooms are very unique. The rooms are decorated and furnished in an unique way. For example, you can spend the night in a Delft Blue room, a mangrove room or even sleep under a baobab tree!

Hotel Johannes Vermeer

Spending the night in the city of the world famous painter Johannes Vermeer? Book the hotel of the same name! Take a seat in the lounge and admire the life-sized replica of the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Tip: In Hotel Johannes Vermeer you sleep under the kissing Delft couple, romantic, isn’t it?

Hampshire hotel Delft Centre

Who doesn’t love music? In the Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre you can (hardly) ignore it. Wallpaper of concert tickets, phrases from lyrics on the room walls and regular performances by good artists in the lounge. Do you want to crawl behind the piano yourself? You will find several in the hotel!

According to travel website Trivago, Delft is the highest ranked hotel city in South Holland. The list has been compiled by visitors to Delft.

Best Western Museum Hotels

At only a couple of minutes from Museum Prinsenhof Delft you will find the Best Western Museum Hotel. The special thing about this hotel is that it consists of three buildings: the museum hotel, residence and gallery. These buildings are located in the middle of the age-old residential areas and nice shops. This makes it look like you are a resident of Delft (for a while)!

Westcord Hotel Delft

When someone tells you he or she has never been to Ikea, we hardly believe it. Do you love Ikea and do you often visit this store? You have come to the right address! This hotel is fully furnished with Ikea furniture, from bed to chair! Even if Ikea doesn’t ring a bell, the Westcord Hotel Delft is a really nice and luxurious hotel to spend your night in Delft.

Herberg De Vliegende Vos

Do you want to spend the night where the most famous citizen of Delft was born? This has been possible since 2018! In 1632 Johannes Vermeer was born in his parents’ inn and grew up here. Herberg de Vliegende Vos has now been restored to its original state. It is an authentic café-restaurant with exhibitions, a period room and three hotel rooms. Whoever enters here, goes back 400 years in time (Golden Age)!

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