For 365 years Royal Delft has been making the world famous Delft Blue. Specifically for the 365th anniversary special activities are organised.

Year-round activities

During the entire year there will be fun activities at Royal Delft. There will be Delft Blue days in November, during the holidays various children’s activities will be offered and you can enjoy various afternoon teas during the year. These are only just a couple of examples of the fun activities! Read further to learn more about the activities that will be offered during the upcoming months at Royal Delft or check here.

Nouveau Blue

Temporary exhibition

During the 19th century Royal Delft lay the foundation for the new earthenware that these days is made by manufacturers all over the world: the new Delft Blue earthenware is born. A number of people from the history of Royal Delft played a main part in this. Get to know these extraordinary men and their innovations by visiting the exhibition Nouveau Blue: from vision to realisation.

Unique tile table

Royal Delft has been embracing the special handicraft of the making and renewing of Delft Blue. This year they want to involve everyone in the process of this exceptional handicraft. After the 1st of January 2018, every day one visitor will be asked to contribute by painting a unique tile. 365 people from all over the world unite in one piece of Royal Delft history. Visit Royal Delft this year and maybe you will be selected to paint!

Don't keep it all to yourself